Natural Gas Fireplaces

Nothing is easier to use than a natural gas fireplace, offering both convenience and low cost. Now available in a range of attractive designs and with a remote control which accurately controls the room temperature by shutting off the flame when the temperature is reached and turning it on automatically when more heat is needed. Use a gas fireplace to save on heating bills, by not having to heat the whole house and only heat the room you are in. Zonal heating can save up to 30% on your annual heating costs. Gas fireplaces also work without electricity so provide a reliable back up heat source to your furnace in the event of power failure.

  1. Makes any room more comfortable
  2. Instant heat whenever you need it, with little or no maintenance
  3. Low cost to operate
  4. Works even when the power is out

Add to the value of your home with the addition of a new natural gas fireplace, a focal point for any room.